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Lindegard Therapy provides Applied Behavior Analysis & Speech Language Pathology services in Beaverton and Hillsboro, Oregon and its surrounding areas. At Lindegard Therapy, we know that all children can learn but that some children learn differently than others. For this reason, we offer treatment that is tailored to the individual and built on a solid family-centered platform. Our interventions focus on improving your child’s social, communicative and daily living abilities by creating a learning-rich environment designed to target these skill areas, while also maintaining an open and collaborative relationship with you as the family.

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Our Approach

At Lindegard Therapy we believe that a combined and collaborative approach to therapy is most beneficial to your child. For this reason, we utilize Speech and Language strategies combined with ABA methodologies to develop research-based holistic practices that best fit your child’s needs. 

Quality (not quantity) is most important to us. Every family is unique and there is no one prescribed method for conducting therapy and working with families. We believe wholeheartedly that the family drives the service delivery model and that your input and participation is at the core of treatment goals and progress. We take time to build strong and lasting relationships and understand that YOU play the biggest role in your child’s life.

Meet Our Therapists

At Lindegard Therapy, our technicians are extremely dedicated. Our supervision to technician ratio goes above and beyond board standards and all of our technicians are RBAI certified as well as CPR certified and go through extensive training prior to working with children.

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Julia Linden

Co-Founder | Clinical Director


Board Certified Behavior Analyst

While working for a small ABA Therapy company in Washington, DC,  Julia discovered an untapped interest and fascination in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Witnessing the results of robust research-based therapies like ABA motivated Julia to pursue a career in Special Education where she earned her Masters degree and dual teaching certification in Early Childhood Special Education, from The George Washington University. Julia became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in 2014. She has over 7 years of experience working with children with Autism, Developmental Delays, and related Speech and Language Disorders and her experiences range from home-based ABA therapy to school-based ABA to teaching in inclusive and special education classrooms. Her breadth of practice allows her to approach each family and child as individuals. Applied Behavior Analysis guides and informs her development of comprehensive, research-based programs for children, while her experiences and background in early childhood special education allow her to look at children with a wide lens. A solid understanding of both child development and special education are crucial components to working with families and teaching children skills that are developmentally appropriate as well as functionally and socially significant.

In her spare time, Julia enjoys spending time with her 2 labradors – Gunner & Lady Bird and exploring the Pacific Northwest!

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David Garder



Speech Language Pathologist

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

David’s love of language inspired him to earn a B.A. in linguistics from SUNY, Albany in 2003. During his undergraduate studies, he became familiar with different theoretical frameworks that examine the universal structure of language. He wanted to apply this knowledge in a practical and meaningful way, so he gravitated to the field of Speech Language Pathology. In 2009 he earned an M.S. in Communicative Sciences and Disorders from California State University East Bay and has been treating children with speech and language disorders since. In 2018, David earned an M.Ed. in Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University, and in 2019, David passed the examination to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

David specializes in helping young children with autism who have Apraxia of Speech learn to start making sounds and use words to get their wants and needs met. David combines principles of Linguistics, Speech Therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis to help address speech needs in young children with autism.

When David is not working with kids, he enjoys fly fishing, white water kayaking and hiking.

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Lauren Hyder


Lead Behavior Interventionist

Lauren’s interest in working with children was sparked in 2010 when she volunteered as a
mentor for a child with a learning disability. Lauren carried this passion with her through college
as a counselor for underprivileged children. She earned her B.A. in Linguistics at UCLA in
2015, magna cum laude. Lauren began working as a Behavior Technician for an early
intervention clinic in Los Angeles, California where she specialized in language acquisition for
infants and toddlers. In April 2019, Lauren earned her Masters of Science degree in Applied
Behavior Analysis and shortly thereafter relocated to Portland, Oregon to work for Lindegard
Therapy as a Lead Interventionist. Lauren plans to sit for her BCBA exam in the Spring of 2020.
Lauren is a strong believer that there are no limits to what children can achieve, and her work is
driven by supporting them on their journey.

In her spare time, Lauren enjoys high intensity workouts, hiking around Oregon, and paper craft.

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Khatren Reed


Behavior Interventionist

Khatren obtained her bachelor’s degree from Washington State University where she majored in
psychology with an emphasis in human development. Prior to joining Lindegard Therapy she
was a nanny to four young children. She has always been passionate about working with children
and helping them acquire communication and social skills that will improve their quality of life.
When Khatren discovered ABA, she was thrilled to have the opportunity to work as part of
Lindegard Therapy’s team.

When she isn’t working, she enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and exploring the PNW!

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Catherine Smith


Behavior Interventionist

Cathryn obtained her B.S. from Brigham Young University in educational psychology and was a special education teacher for the Provo School District for 6 years. She decided to leave teaching to start a family and was a stay at home mother to her 4 children. In 2015 she began working at Victory Academy in Sherwood as a behavioral interventionist. She has worked in the ABA field for the past 5 years in the clinic, home and school settings. She enjoys connecting with each child and believes in the power of play. She is trained in Pivotal Response Training (PRT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

In her spare time, Cathryn enjoys yoga, painting and spending time with her husband Mike and children, Julia(23) Mike (20) Max (17) and Harrison (15). 

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Raymond Chen


Behavior Interventionist 

Raymond obtained his bachelor’s degree from University of Oregon where he majored in psychology with an emphasis in child development and a minor in computer science. Prior to joining Lindegard Therapy he worked as a Behavior Technician in homes for a company in Portland, Oregon where he discovered his interest and passion in working with children with ASD.   

In his off time, Raymond enjoys working out, traveling, and trying out new foods.

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Brittany Williams


Behavior Interventionist 

In December of 2019, Brittany earned her bachelor’s in psychology with a minor in theology from Whitworth University. Prior to working at Lindegard Therapy, Brittany found her passion for helping children through her various work opportunities with school- aged children in the Spokane area. She is excited to start her new journey in ABA after being introduced to the field from a friend. 

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, doing yoga, and exploring new spots to find good coffee or food!


Our Mission Is To Provide A Professional, Compassionate And Honest Approach To Therapy. 

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