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Hillsboro Clinic Staff

At Lindegard Therapy, our technicians are extremely dedicated. Our supervision to technician ratio goes above and beyond board standards and all of our technicians are RBAI certified and go through extensive training prior to working with children.

Julia Linden



Board Certified Behavior Analyst

While working for a small therapy company in Washington, DC Julia discovered an untapped interest in working with children with Autism. Witnessing the results of robust research-based therapies like ABA motivated Julia to pursue a career in the field and in 2013 she went on to earn her M.Ed. in Early Childhood Special Education, from The George Washington University. In 2014, Julia became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She has over 10 years of experience working with children with Autism, Developmental Delays, and related Speech and Language Disorders across settings – schools, homes and the community.

Applied Behavior Analysis continues to guide and inform Julia’s commitment to providing comprehensive, research-based therapy programs to children with ASD. At Lindegard Therapy, Julia focuses on helping children who have behavioral difficulties, learn to be more independent through becoming toilet trained, eating a larger variety of foods and sleeping through the night.

In her spare time, Julia enjoys spending time with her 2 Labradors – Gunner & Lady Bird exploring the Pacific NW!

David Garder



Speech Language Pathologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst

David's love of language inspired him to earn a B.A. in linguistics from SUNY, Albany in 2003. During his undergraduate studies, he became familiar with different theoretical frameworks that examine the universal structure of language. He wanted to apply this knowledge in a practical and meaningful way, so he gravitated to the field of Speech Language Pathology. In 2009 he earned an M.S. in Communicative Sciences and Disorders from California State University East Bay and has been treating children with speech and language disorders since. In 2018, David earned an M.Ed. in Applied Behavior Analysis from Arizona State University.

David specializes in helping young children with autism who have Apraxia of Speech learn to start making sounds and use words to get their wants and needs met. David combines principles of Linguistics, Speech Therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis to help address speech needs in young children with autism.

When David is not working with kids, he enjoys fly fishing, white water kayaking and hiking.

Melinda Weilage


Occupational Therapist

Melinda’s passion for science led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Integrative Biology from the University of California, Berkeley in 2014. Upon graduating, Melinda worked as a teaching assistant in the UC Berkeley anatomy lab and as a special education aide in school programs across the Bay Area. These opportunities ignited a love for education and social services, leading to the decision to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy

Melinda graduated in 2019 with her M.S. in Occupational Therapy from A.T. Still University in Arizona where she concentrated in school-based pediatrics & upper extremity rehabilitation. Her partner’s medical career brought them to Portland where she applied her OT knowledge at the Multnomah Education Service District for students on the Autism Spectrum with severe behavioral support needs. Melinda brings over 6 years of hands-on experience in the field of special education as well as a strong foundation in developmental anatomy & physiology. She utilizes a holistic treatment approach to help children of all abilities develop functional living skills to thrive.

Melinda enjoys cooking Thai food, watching documentaries, and experiencing the natural beauty of the Pacfic Northwest.


Seth Baron


Board Certified Behavior Analyst 

Seth has recently moved to Oregon from Massachusetts. He has been working in the
Applied Behavior Analysis field for around seven years. Seth has experience
working in in-home, residential, and center based settings. He obtained his
Bachelors degree in Psychology from Worcester State University and his Masters
degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Northeastern University in 2019. Seth’s
career in Applied Behavior Analysis continues to grow and his passion to improve
children’s lives with Autism Spectrum Disorder will always be a priority.

In his spare time, Seth loves to cook and explore with his dog, Garlic.

Leanne Bergman


Behavior Interventionist 

Leanne began working as a Behavior Therapist in 2012, serving children and adolescents with autism between ages 2 and 18. She has worked across a variety of environments including preschools, homes, and in-clinic. Leanne brings energy to her sessions and is not afraid to get creative in quirky ways to connect with children and make learning fun. She loves to make kids laugh but is very serious about providing quality services in which clients gain communication, social, and functional daily living skills. She believes listening and understanding are most important when working with kids with ASD, and she is proud to be part of a compassionate team that sees each client as an individual with unique needs and learning styles. Leanne earned a B.A. from West Chester University of Pennsylvania where she is originally from and is now very enthusiastic about living in the Pacific Northwest and plans to further her education here.

Outside of the ABA field, she is passionate about rescue dogs (she has two German Shepherds), the environment, animal welfare, and social justice issues. She loves being married to her best friend, adventures, memoirs, TED talks, and people with a great sense of humor. People she admires include: Brene Brown, Michelle Obama, and Dr. Megan Miller. Her weaknesses are technology and coconut milk matcha lattes!


Sarah Cabala


Behavior Interventionist 

Sarah has always been motivated to help people. Throughout high school and college Sarah coached gymnastics at local gyms as well as for the Special Olympics. In 2018, Sarah graduated from Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Upon graduating, Sarah began to learn more about ABA at The Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and Research in Kalamazoo, MI. In March of 2020, Sarah packed up and moved across country to Portland where she plans to pursue a Masters in ABA. Sarah is excited to continue her journey with the Lindegard Team! 

 In her free time Sarah enjoys hiking and exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest, traveling, and spending time with friends.



Jeany Cabanilla


Behavior Interventionist 

Jeany has always been interested in human behavior and loves being around kids. She discovered her passion when she was studying at the University of the Philippines, where she majored in Family Life and Child Development. In 2013, she moved to U.S. and continued her studies at the University of Washington where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Family Studies. She began working as an Assistant Teacher at Touchstone Preschool in Oregon and in 2019 she became a Registered Behavior Analysis Interventionist for another ABA Therapy clinic. Jeany is planning to expand her studies in either Applied Behavior Analysis or Occupational Therapy.

 In her spare time, she likes to work out, bake pastries, make candles, and spend time with her sister and friends. 



Raymond Chen


Behavior Interventionist 

Raymond obtained his Bachelor’s degree from University of Oregon where he majored in psychology with an emphasis in child development and a minor in computer science. Prior to joining Lindegard Therapy he worked as a Behavior Technician in homes for a company in Portland, Oregon where he discovered his interest and passion in working with children with ASD. 

Raymond was recently accepted into the ABA Masters program at SE Missouri State University.

In his off time, Raymond enjoys working out, traveling, and trying out new foods.

Kerri Cook


Behavior Interventionist 

Kerri was born and raised in Oregon, where she grew up playing competitive soccer. She went on to play Division 1 at Middle Tennessee State University and in 2018 Kerri completed her B.S. in Liberal Studies, majoring in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology and minoring in Psychology. She furthered her undergraduate studies at the University of Georgia where she studied Early Childhood Education and English as a Second Language (ESL).

Upon returning to Oregon, she completed a Post-Baccalaureate in Communication
Sciences and Disorders from Pacific University and began shadowing SLP’s who worked with individuals impacted by disabilities.

Throughout her experience as a student-athlete, Kerri has developed a deep-rooted sense of commitment and dedication to her studies. Kerri is thrilled to begin to apply this same level of dedication to her job as an ABA Therapist with Lindegard.

In her free time you can catch her marathon training, on a soccer field, or with a book in her hand.

Emily Dawes


Behavior Interventionist 

Emily has had a passion for neurodiversity for as long as she can remember. Her experiences range from working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in classrooms, recreational facilities and clinics. Her journey has led her to pursue a bachelor’s in Psychology at Portland State and she plans to eventually become an Occupational Therapist. Emily is excited to be a part of a team that believes that a collaborative approach works best for children with Autism.

In her free time, she loves to explore nature with her 2 dogs – a pit bull mix named Teddy and a border collie lab mix named Satin. Emily also loves cooking and spending time with her friends.


Kumulani Kaai


Behavior Interventionist 

For as long as she can remember, Kumulani has always been fascinated by human behavior. Her love for working with children came from growing up in a large family and always being surrounded by the younger generation. In 2020, She earned her B.A. in Communication Studies along with a minor in Sociology as well as a certificate in Educational Studies, from the University of Hawaii at Hilo. she has had the opportunity to work with elementary, middle, and high school students in the Special Education department at local public schools in Hawaii. After graduating, Kumu moved to Oregon with plans to continue her education in Applied Behavior Analysis. Prior to working for Lindegard Therapy, Kumu gained previous experience providing home-based ABA throughout the Portland metro area.

In her spare time, Kumu loves watching new movies, spending time with loved ones and being as close to the ocean as possible!

Megan Pauls


Behavior Interventionist

Megan earned her B.A. in Music at Northwest University and began working with children with Autism in 2018. Megan joined Lindegard in 2021 with extensive experience under her belt. Megan is passionate about integrating her musical background into therapy sessions and she is very interested in furthering her education in the field of ABA or Speech Pathology.

When she’s not working, Megan enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, volleyball, paddle boarding, and going to the beach. She also loves to sing and can never get enough of friends and family.


Sam Romriell


Behavior Interventionist

Sam obtained their B.A. in Linguistics from the University of Oregon in 2017 where they got to help international ESL students pursue their dreams of attending an American university. After graduation, their love of human behavior blossomed and they found their way to ABA, through joining Lindegard. At Lindegard, Sam applies their background in linguistics with human behavior and they hope to continue to expand their skillset in Grad School in either Psychology or Applied Behavior Analysis. They can’t wait to further explore best practices for helping children on the Autism spectrum achieve their full potential.


In their free time, Sam is an artist – They enjoy painting, illustration, and animation. Sam also loves cooking, gardening, and spending time with their three cats!


Jennifer Sanche


Behavior Interventionist 

After finding herself constantly fascinated by human behavior especially in child development, Jenny obtained her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Alberta with a major in psychology. She began her academic journey researching and applying evidence-based interventions for children with developmental disabilities within the classroom environment. Jenny has honed her skills working in a variety of inclusive and special education classrooms for 2 years, discovering her passion in supporting children’s functional learning, life skills and communication needs. Jenny joined the team at Lindegard in 2020 and is pursuing a masters in Applied Behavior Analysis.

In her spare time Jenny loves art, training and hiking with her Australian Shepard, Finley, and continuously exploring the pacific northwest in all its natural beauty.


Amanda Yakscoe


Behavior Interventionist 

Amanda has always had an interest in helping others and working with children. Throughout high school and college, Amanda worked as a nanny with children ages 1-12. In 2017, Amanda earned her B.S. in Psychology from Portland State University. Upon graduating, Amanda worked as a Nursing Assistant in multiple Skilled Nursing Facilities, focusing on Memory Care patients. After doing this for a few years, Amanda realized she wanted to get back into working with kids while using her experience in memory care. Amanda joined the Lindegard team in 2020 and is excited to learn more and continue her journey in ABA.

In her spare time, Amanda loves to explore the PNW with her Bluetick Coonhound, Phoebe, stay active and spend time with family and friends.


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